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What is Accreditation?

It is the independent, third-party evaluation of a conformity assessment body (such as a certification body, inspection body or laboratory) against recognised standards, conveying a formal demonstration of its impartiality and competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks (such as certification, inspection and testing).

The Australian Reiki Connection Inc.(ARC) cannot and does not accredit Reiki courses provided by our referred Reiki Teachers or accredit Reiki treatment practitioners for providing Reiki treatments.

While it may seem a simple matter for ARC to “accredit” our Professional Practitioner members for providing their Reiki services, we are unable to do so as we are not a registered training organisation or an accreditation body recognised or independently assessed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority ASQA, which is the national VET regulator.

Therefore, anyone who has not received training from an ASQA-recognised Reiki teacher using an accredited Reiki course (and none exist in Australia)  cannot rightfully promote themselves as “accredited Reiki Practitioners” for the provision of a Reiki Treatment.

It Is important to note that Australia has no recognised or assessed Reiki Associations.

What is an accredited course?

Accreditation means a course has been independently assessed by ASQA or a state regulator and meets the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2021 and the Australian Qualification Framework.

Accredited courses are an important part of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector.

Only registered training organisations (RTOs) can deliver accredited courses.

Non-accredited Professional Development Courses

Non-accredited courses are not regulated, meaning quality and consistency can vary. Non-accredited courses may still boost your employability but may not receive the same recognition as accredited ones. Non-accredited courses focus on equipping the student with a specific knowledge and skillset. You can study a non-accredited course to help you in your current and future career.

The Australian Reiki Connection Inc. endorses two independent non-accredited professional development courses for Reiki Practitioners.

NOTE: There is no affiliation fee or commission of any kind involved between the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. and the authors as the providers of these non-accreditated professional development courses.                                                           


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