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Questions on Reiki and Reiki Training

Frequently Asked Questions on Reiki and Reiki Training

A selection of the most frequently asked questions about Reiki and Reiki treatments, received from the general public and Reiki Practitioners. If you have a question not listed, contact ARC and receive the information you require.

  • Because Reiki is considered a low-risk modality, why do I need insurance?
    This is the Law for all health care workers, including for Reiki Practitioners. We, as practitioners, know that Reiki can do no harm. However, harm to a client can occur by many other means. For example, should a client slip and injure themselves when entering your place of practice or slip when getting off the table, they can sue you for any subsequent damage or injury. In this instance, your public Liability insurance protects you. Suppose a client misunderstood or felt upset by something you said in your explanation or recommendations and made a claim, then your Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you. Read about the Legally Binding National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers here
  • Will my home insurance policy cover me?
    NO. You can confirm this by contacting your home insurer.
  • Why do I need to have current First Aid?
    Reiki practitioners (and teachers) must abide by the legally binding National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers. This is the Law for all healthcare workers and unregistered Health Care Workers, including Reiki Practitioners. A professional Reiki practitioner and/or Reiki teacher is legally required to have first aid available so that they can respond in the course of providing treatment, care, or training should an adverse event occur. HLTAID011 Provide first aid is the three-year renewable certification that meets the requirements of Professional Practice. Read about the Legally Binding National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers here
  • I work in a clinic, and there is a person with First Aid in attendance, do I still need to have First Aid?
    Providing this person is present in the clinic throughout the Reiki treatments at all times, then you personally are meeting the criteria without having first aid yourself.
  • Do I have to submit a Professional and Personal Development report each year?
    NO ARC no longer requires members to submit a Personal and Professional Development (P&PD) form. However, continuing Professional Development is a recognised and vital part of professional Reiki practitioners (and teachers).  ARC and other reputable organisations and associations believe that this is an important aspect for professional members and encourages participation in activities that can be of benefit to them. Many years ago, ARC was audited by an independent auditor for Medibank Private. This was for acceptance as an Accredited Membership Association in order for our members to be issued with provider numbers for Medibank Private to issue Rebates to clients. One of the obligations was for our professional members to complete annual CPE also called Personal and Professional Development reports. ARC was accepted as an accredited membership association, unfortunately, not long after that, Medibank Private stopped rebates for Reiki Treatments, therefore the requirement to submit reports is no longer compulsory.
  • Why must I submit my student manual when upgrading to the Teacher category?
    The teaching of Reiki is and always will be a spiritual practice. It is a requirement for Teaching category members and ARC-referred Reiki teachers to provide their Reiki teaching manuals to ARC. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure as far as possible that the minimum standards and core basics of the Usui System of Reiki are being met and provided to students. The Reiki manuals are submitted confidentially, and only the ARC President has access to them. In the event of any matters of concern, the ARC President communicates directly with the Reiki Teachers for the benefit of the teacher and their students. As is the case with professional practitioner members, it is a requirement for ARC to receive a copy of their current certificates of currency of insurance and first aid HLTAID011. Read more information on ARC criteria for teaching reiki.
  • Can I be an accredited Reiki treatment practitioner with ARC?
    ARC cannot accredit Reiki treatment practitioners for providing Reiki treatments. You must have received your Reiki training from an ASQA-recognised Reiki teacher using an accredited Reiki course (and none exists) to rightfully assert yourself as an accredited Reiki Practitioner for the provision of a Reiki Treatment. While it may seem simple to accredit our Professional members for providing their Reiki services, the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. is unable to do so as we are not a registered training organisation RTO or an accreditation body that is recognised or independently assessed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority ASQA, which is the national VET regulator. It is important to note that there are currently no ASQA-recognised or assessed Reiki Associations in Australia.
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