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About Reiki Treatments

About Reiki Treatments

What happens before a Reiki treatment
What happens during a Reiki Treatment

What happens before a Reiki Treatment?

If you are new to Reiki, it’s perfectly normal to wonder what it feels like to experience or expect from a Reiki treatment. 

Before the treatment begins, your Reiki Practitioner will explain what you can expect during the Reiki session.


In addition, you will usually fill out a pre-treatment survey to allow the Practitioner to get a bit of background about what brought you there. They will also check if you have any specific requirements, such as mobility or cultural issues, that they need to cater for and ask you to give your consent for the treatment.

A complete Reiki treatment can last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the individual’s needs.

You remain fully clothed during the reiki treatment.

The treatment is usually provided lying on a Reiki table; however, if you have any mobility issues, the treatment can be provided while seated in a chair.

It is your time to relax completely. It is a safe space, a healing oasis away from the world.

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment?

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment?

The practitioner will ask you in advance if you are happy with hands-on reiki or would prefer no touch during the session.

Then, they will ask you to close your eyes and relax.

The Practitioner will let you know they are about to begin. Although they may check in with you throughout the treatment to ensure you are okay, talking is usually kept to a minimum so you can relax.

 During the treatment, you can expect the Reiki Practitioner to move around the table and to either place their hands lightly on your body or hover just above as they work through a series of Reiki hand positions.

The Reiki Practitioner will usually start with their hands on your head and work down the body to your feet, avoiding all sensitive and private body parts.

Often you may be able to sense the Practitioner’s hands moving across your body even if you have your eyes closed and even if they are not touching you directly – this is because you can sense the energy.

Reiki Therapy
Common Reactions you may expect during a Reiki Treatment
Reiki Energy Healing

Common Reactions you may expect during a Reiki Treatment

Everyone will experience different things during treatment. But common reactions include:

  • Feeling temperature changes – a sensation of heat or cold from the practitioner’s hands

  • You may see lots of colours in their mind’s eye

  • Involuntary movements or mild spasms

  • You may become so relaxed that you fall asleep

  • Emotional responses such as crying

  • Rumbling stomach

  • Memory flashes

  • A slight tingling or pins and needles at the practitioner’s hand placement

There aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ reactions to a Reiki treatment.

Some people may report that they don’t feel anything, while others may experience one, two, or none of the above.

What to Expect after a Reiki Treatment
What to Expect after a Reiki Treatment

After the treatment, the Reiki Practitioner will ask you for your feedback and discuss how you can book a follow-up treatment.

While one Reiki session is a great way to unwind and relax, some people book multiple sessions to progress with their wellness goals.

Drinking a glass of water is a great way to ground yourself in the present moment after a Reiki treatment.

Reiki works on the mind, body, and spirit – it holistically addresses imbalances in the energy body and seeks to restore balance, which in turn can promote health and well-being.

It is important to note here that the goal of any Reiki session is not to ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ a specific problem or issue – even if that issue is the reason, you are there.

The Practitioner is just the facilitator of the energy.

You are in control of the amount of Reiki you receive, and your body will intuitively know where it is needed most.

Benefits of Reiki Healing
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