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About Australian Reiki Connection, Reiki Association

About the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)

Mission Statement

To work with and promote the spirit of Reiki through teaching, healing, fellowship and research, both within the Reiki community and the wider community.


To maintain Reiki as a spiritual practice and have Reiki integrated as a stand-alone therapy, into mainstream health care and community settings.

Bringing people together, the Australian Reiki Connection

  • ARC is an association of Reiki channels that aims to foster fellowship between Members and other Reiki channels in Australia and beyond.

  • ARC brings people together, fosters opportunities for Reiki to be available to everyone, and aims to help us better ourselves and our practice in Reiki.

  • ARC would like to inspire you to grow in your understanding of Reiki and to meet and share with other like-minded members.

  • ARC, via its members, creates opportunities for others to know about Reiki and our wonderful members who can offer Reiki treatments and Reiki training. One way is via the Referral Directories of Professional Practitioners and Professional Teachers.

  • ​ARC members are valued because of the standards and codes we work to; we should all feel proud to be a part of it.


  • ARC  aims to advance the opportunity for Reiki to be accepted as a standalone modality in Australia, hospitals, and clinics by liaison, advocacy, and demonstration.


  • The Committee of Management regularly searches Federal and each State, and Territory government health departments for news of any changes to their policies that may affect the practice of Reiki.


  • We continue to raise with them the benefits of Reiki treatments and the professionalism of our Reiki Practitioners and Teachers.

Established in 1997, the Australian Reiki Connection - the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (ARC) has grown to be Australia's leading Reiki association. Its primary strength is that it is run by members for the benefit of members and Reiki in Australia.

At our Annual General Meeting, we elect a new volunteer committee of management. Financial members are eligible to vote and to nominate for office. Together with the membership, these volunteers support Reiki activities on both a community and professional level.


As part of their responsibilities, they develop appropriate policies and procedures, provide networking opportunities, and lobby the government on behalf of the organization.

ARC communicates with relevant agencies and organisations to develop professional standards that benefit Reiki practitioners, Reiki Teachers, their clients, and their students. 


Our Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners and Reiki Teachers are held to the highest standard, setting a benchmark for other organisations to follow.

About the Australian Reiki Connection
Reiki Practitioner Referral Directories information

Through our established and popular online referral directories of Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers, ARC helps increase the awareness of our professional members among the general public.

The Association's policy is to maintain annual membership fees as low as possible while providing a high standard of advocacy, service, and support.

In its efforts to integrate Reiki as a stand-alone modality into mainstream healthcare, ARC consistently engages with representatives from health and community services, government departments, research institutes, and the general public. As part of this collaboration, ARC continues to develop professional standards for Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers in conjunction with the wider Australian Reiki community.

By looking to the future, ARC seeks to ensure that Reiki remains a respected profession in the eyes of the Australian public and mainstream health departments.

A significant source of pride for ARC members today is their association's high profile and the ongoing promotional efforts it undertakes on their behalf, and the level of professionalism innate to being a member of the association.

The Australian Reiki Connection has offered great strength to the Reiki community by providing continuity of leadership in the Committee of Management. We are honored to have had just 2 Presidents since 1997.


ARC would like to acknowledge the efforts of these Presidents (ARC’s founder WendyJoy Smith and the current President, John Coleman) and, naturally, all Committee of Management members, both past and present and members, for bringing ARC to the respected position that it holds today.

John Coleman President of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc.

John Coleman

Current President

Founder of the Australian Reiki Connection

Wendyjoy Smith

Founder & First President

President of Australian Reiki Connection the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals
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